Maintenance villa and property in the var

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For many years we have been caring for secondary homes and rental properties; ensuring the good up-keep and security throughout the year.

Under our contract Var Villas is committed to providing the following services:
  • To be the key holder of the property designated
  • To be on emergency call out for the designated property

  • A complete property security check.
  • Inside; water, electric, phone lines, windows.
  • Outside; doors and shutters, check out buildings, pool,
  • Letter boxes, emptying when necessary and forwarding any important mail.
  • Notification will be sent via e-mail after each visit stating the general condition of your property
  • You can choose the frequency of the visits.
This is just part of the services we can offer; please contact us for further information as we can tailor make our service to suit your requirements


The swimming pool is a major part of your holiday home, it is imperative to keep it well maintain, not only for the summer, open months but during the closed winter months. Good annual maintenance keeps the pool in good working condition.

Pool Service :

  • Cleaning of pool, water level and chemical control for the duration of the open pool.
  • Closure and winterising of pool with adding winter chemicals, fit winter cover.
  • The reopening of pool.
  • Maintenance of all machinery related to the running of the pool.
  • Installation of pool safety/security equipment; fencing or alarms.
  • Installation of pool heating systems.
  • Undertake all pool repairs work and pool constructions.
Maintenance & Management Contract


Everybody's requirements are different, therefore, at Var Villa we offer a tailor made pool contracts which cover monthly maintenance of their pool. Opening and winterisation of the pool.
8 month open period, 4 month closed period.
Visit; 12 monthly period; varied number of visits required to maintain optimal pool function, including pool chemicals
var villa landscaping


A well maintained garden shows the owner cares for his property and keeping it maintained all year keeps property from looking empty through the closed season, which is most important if you are away from your property for any length of time.

Gardening Service :

  • General maintenance of the grounds, flowers beds, pathways.
  • Cutting of grass, clearing of fallen debris and weed killing.
  • Replanting on request.
  • Garden design on request
  • Land clearance
  • Arrange and overseeing tree felling
Maintenance & Management Contract

The work is tailored made to fit the owner’s requirements.

Garden Maintenance inclusive of machinery
Monthly visit concludes a minimum of __?___ hours per 12 month period, varied times to requirement during the a 12 month period, minimum visit for gardens of one visit per month


Since the start of the company, Var Villa Holidays have maintained properties.

With our experience, we can undertake any project large or small. The work is carried out by our team or by known and trustworthy contractors under our supervision.

Building Works :

FREE Project Quotations
  • Qualified: - Plumber & Heating Engineer, Election
  • Tiling interior and exterior
  • Refits to bathroom, kitchens
  • General building works
  • Install watering systems, garden lights.
  • Painting & decorating
  • Repair, repaint or replace shutters
  • Fitting Air Condition Units
We can supply a no obligation, realistically priced, written quote for any works that you may require, however small or large the task.
Var Villa Holidays past projects