The villages in the var


Draguignan is a wonderful base town for a holidaying in the Var, located between the Côte d'Azure of Saint Torpez and Cannes, and the Verdon Gorges and lavender fields of Valensole, so very central.

A Saturday-morning visit of Draguignan could start with the big mostly clothing market and shops in the center. Then wander east into the old town, eventually to the great food market at the Place du Marché. After sampling some of the wonderful offerings, like olive bread or nut bread, various cheeses and olives, set off up the hill and through the old town you will find at the top is the Tour de l'Horloge beside the little open-air Théatre de Verdure...

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Sainte Maxime

Just opposite of Saint Tropez, across the Gulf is Sainte Maxime well situated, 20 min from Le Muy (motor way exit),with white sandy beaches along the coast, and the forested hills of the Maures to the back providing protection from bad wether.

The Tour Carrée built the Lerins Monks is very representative of this dynamic town, know by many visitors from around the world. Only a quick boat crossing away is Tour du Portalet of Saint Tropez, the tow towers protected the Gulf from invaders back in the days.

This seaside resort has all you need for a wonderful holiday : golf courses ; water sports ; fun parks ; provencale markets and busy seafront full of shops restaurant and ice cream parlor.

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Roquebrune sur Argens

The Rocher de Roquebrune is a lovely red-rock butte jutting up out of a sea of green pine forest. The Rocher (rock) is at the north edge of the Massif des Maures, a mountain range that runs from the edge of Toulon to Fréjus-St. Raphaël.

The butte is prominent along the south side of the autoroute, near Fréjus, when you're passing through. The deep-red rocks are also clearly visible from small roads throughout the region, and are a lovely backdrop to the village of Roquebrune-sur-Argens.

Roquebrune-sur-Argens, "Cité Millénaire", is an ancient town sitting amidst bunches of new villas that seem to grow so well in this climate. Looking beyond the newness, Roquebrune is located in an expansive pine forest, accentuated by the beautiful red cliffs of the Rocher de Roquebrune and cooled by the Argens river.

There is plenty of good hiking to do on the rock like the three crosses at the top of Roquebrune, through forests of low oak and high brush, giving shade to protect you during midday in the summer. Or simply stay at bottom by the lack and have fun with all the water sports that are going on there.

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Callas village is perched on a sharp ridge, with the ruins of the old 13th-century chateau, including walls and donjon, lurking above, although more visible approaching the village than from within.

A beautiful old Mairie in the center has a 1623 lookout belltower (beffroi) with its rather plain wrought-iron belfry (campanile de fer forgé). Sitting even higher, the Notre Dame church is the most prominent building in the village, its white-stone bell tower and high pointed peak visible above everything else.

With a population of around 1300, Callas is large enough to spread up the hillside, with many squares and even more fountains. The medieval streets are sometimes wide, stone step-streets and sometimes narrow, arched passages beneath the buildings. A more modern, bright touch, is the dark-lavender colour of the street lamps and trash bins, the later in the shape of small amphorae were made by a local artisan.

Sometime in the past the railway went through Callas (and through nearby Claviers), and the old tunnel passes through the hill beneath the center of the village. The entrance to this long tunnel is mostly covered by a curtain of hanging ivy, giving the it a prehistoric look.

A large "lavoir" on the main street in the lower village is in a two-story building with a pillared facade. The upper part of the building, on the right side, is still labeled "DOUCHES", from when this was the public baths (or showers) for Callas.

Just below the village is an ancient olive mill (moulin à huile) that now doubles as a gift shop. In addition to olive oil, you can find olive-wood items and pottery. The old water wheel is no longer working, but the metal frame is nicely painted and the old wooden slats are still in place.

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Figanières is small Medieval village located in the forested hills of the Central Var, a few km northeast of Draguignan. The houses of the old Medieval village are clustered tightly around the St-Michel parish church on the top of the low hill.

Figanières sits on a ridge overlooking the southeast, and the old part of the village is very compact, with the typical tall buildings nestled up together in a very picturesque style. The most prominent building, sitting up at the top at the Place Saint-Michel, is the church which was rebuilt in 1848. Small roads wind up and down over the hill, between the buildings, and open onto many pleasant little squares with benches and often with fountains.

The village of Figanières seems residential when you come in from the north; the road winds through the forest with many fine villas set back among the trees. Coming in from the south, the road passes by vineyards and has a view of the surrounding hills, with many houses spread out around the village. The road through Figanières loops off the "main" road, so the only traffic in the village is intentional

The Jardin des Senteurs is a lovely and restful walled garden at the top of Figanières village, just beside the St-Michel church. You can find the Jardin by walking up into the old village and following the signs.

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Les Arcs sur Argens

The old town Village Medieval of Les Arcs is very interesting and very picturesque, and the village is worth a visit just for that. Vaulted passages, stone walls, ancient houses, medieval doorways, carved wooden doors and the remains of the castle are there for you to discover.

La vieille-ville (the old town), an area of narrow, cobblestone streets rising up to the site of the 11th-century chateau-fort and "Saracen tower" (now hosting restaurant) at the top. Most of the buildings have ancient stone walls, and along with the cobblestones, the whole place does have the look of a well-tended medieval village.

Les fêtes médiévales of Les Arcs is amazing during a whole week the town is transformed back of 1000 years. The amphitheater is full of specters watching knights battles in the dim light of flame blowers if the sound of medieval music playing in the background.

The T G V main rail line is in Les Arcs is on (Nice-Marseille; Marseille -Paris), and the station is only a little walk from the center of town. This station serves this part of the Var, so there's bus service to some of the nearby villages and Draguignan, only 9 km from there.

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La Motte en provence

Picturesque village located in the heart of a vineyard with rich jewel for Nartuby, which falls into a misty waterfall 22 meters high "Leaping Capelin".

In the small town, the story reminds us. Aposée plate on colorful facade of the Town Hall commemorates the landing in Provence, and the village of La Motte was the first liberated by the Allies 15th August 1944. There is great history to be found in and around this little village.

From the main square, you can see the clock tower that dominates the village. A quick walk provides access, through the bowling in the shade of the trees, then taking a small staircase, surrounded by greenery. Once in the tower, you can admire the view of the surrounding green countryside, or relax with villagers on a bench! Beyond this small Provencal village, lays many surprises, there are 12 different wine domains within the borders, the Route de Vine which takes to towards Callas has 7 large and well presented domains, the others are all within one kilometer of the village centre. (wine)

La Motte can also boost a magnificent golf course St Endréol Enjoy 5883 metre of sheer delight on the Golf Course. This highly renowned 18-hole course - the flagship of France's golf courses - rolls out under your feet in totally peaceful surroundings along the river Endre, which lent its name to the Domain.

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Vidauban, a typical Provençal village of more than 11,000 inhabitants, enjoys a privileged geographical situation. It is indeed distant from the Mediterranean coast only 25 kilometers, and less than 100 kilometers from the first ski resorts in the Southern Alps.

Protected by the Sainte-Brigitte chapel, built at the top of a rocky peak of 180 meters, the territory of the village extends in the heart of the valley of the Argens, from the crystalline massif of the Maures.

This position makes all the charm of the village and offers a multitude of landscapes that the stroller can discover during his walks or hikes

Vidauban is crossed by two rivers: the river Argens, in the immediate vicinity of the village center, and the river of Aille, in the South-East, whose waterfalls are particularly appreciated.

The village center is home to many squares with beautiful fountains where it is good to take your time in the shade of plane trees.

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Saint-Raphaël as over 36 km of pristine coastline, between the massif of the Estérel and the Mediterranean Sea. Visitors are always amazed by the unique beauty of the coves and inlets that have been carved out of the rock by turquoise waves.

The Provencal town of Saint-Raphaël, whose center is by the sea, is divided into different districts, real tourist sites that have all their characteristics and their personality: the old town, the center, the ports, Valescure, Boulouris, Dramont, Agay, Anthéor and Trayas.

Known for its hospitality since the Victorian Era, the town of Saint-Raphaël has 36,000 inhabitants and features a thriving commercial centre

Experience the pleasure of wandering the old streets of Saint-Raphaël, stop to visit the 2nd century Romanesque church and the Archaeological Museum, where you can climb the watchtower to enjoy a lovely view of the bay. Visit the old port to see the fishermen at work, walk on the beach, or take a stroll all the way to the Santa Lucia port.

Saint-Raphaël is the perfect place to slow down and enjoy your holiday on the Riviera!

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Grimaud is one of the gateways to the Massif des Maures. As you climb towards the village from the sea, you soon reach the foothills of this imposing mountain range that extends along the entire southern part of the Var region, from Hyères to Vidauban, from the Maures plain to the sea. Oak and chestnut trees carpet the slopes of the rolling hills, dominated by the site of Notre-Dame-des-Anges, the highest point in the Maures massif, above Collobrières. Grimaud is like a crown jewel nestled against the unspoiled, well-preserved setting of the Maures mountains. A magnificent forest.

Up above, the Medieval village awaits with its numerous monuments, cobbled streets, arcaded houses, old buildings and Medieval castle. Wander around at your leisure, exploring the streets with their long and eventful history; and look up and gaze at the traditional Provençal, village houses. In the Middle Ages, Grimaud’s wealth and importance meant that is was the capital of Freinet, an area that today corresponds to the Gulf of Saint-Tropez region. By preserving this identity, the village has, today, earned a listing on the register of Historic Monuments.

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Plan de la tour

The Plan-de-la-Tour is a small Provencal village located in the heart of the Massif des Maures, surrounded by vineyards and wooded hills.

This privileged location in the heart of nature makes it a very peaceful place, despite its proximity to the coastline as Sainte-Maxime and the Gulf of Saint- Tropez are only located ten kilometers away.

Throughout the year traditional Provencal festivities bring together villagers and holidaymakers to share moments of conviviality.

Plan de la Tour has lots to offer with its different restaurants and cafes allowing you to seat back relax and enjoy that holiday moment.

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